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Crip Mac net worth is believed to be at least 1 million dollars. Crip Mac is an American performer, rapper, and singer who hails from California. He’s one of the most favored gang-affiliated celebrities currently and has even become an internet celebrity. It’s a rapper technically, however, most people are familiar with his great interviews.

The internet community has shown him plenty of support recently, but his emergence as a Crip within Los Angeles ain’t been easy. From fights with the police and street political tumult to becoming a viral sensation with his cat and receiving a DP from his own group, Crip Mac has seen everything.

Some Quick Details About Crip Mac

Attribute Value
The real name Christopher Harris
Nicknames Crip Mac, CMac Da Loc
Popular Name Crip Mac
Birthdate August 21, 1988
Birthplace Los Angeles, California
Gang affiliation 55 Neighborhood Crips
Age 30
Nationality American
Ethnicity African American
Relationship Status Committed
Mixtapes Opp Goblin (2022)
Social media Instagram: @cripmac

Crip Mac Career

Crip Mac’s path to the world of music began in the year 2019 when he began posting rap-related videos on Instagram and narrating tales from his time on the streets and his connection to the group.

The videos that went viral gained him an enormous following. “Get Craccin’,” the album he released in 2020 was commercially and critically profitable, making him an eminent hip-hop artist.

Following that, in 2021 Crip Mac released his sophomore album “55th Street,” which was a huge success and surpassed his debut, and further boosted the acclaim of his music. In addition to his musical career Crip Mac also appeared on reality television shows such as “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” as well as “VH1’s Love & Hip Hop: Miami” in 2021. These shows exposed Crip Mac to a wider crowd and increased his fame.

In 2022, the Crip Mac release his third album “Everything Gone ‘C Alright,” another album that strengthened his place in the ranks of Los Angeles’ most popular hip-hop artists. Crip Mac also dropped a mixtape titled “Opp Goblin” in the same year.

Crip Mac is among LA’s top rappers despite his shady life and music. His lyrics are honest and speak to his struggles. Being himself and exploring difficult topics has earned him a huge and loyal following.

While still a relative newcomer to this career path, Crip Mac already has achieved significant success in the hip-hop industry. His authenticity and skill make him an influential name in the music industry and it’s obvious that he’ll continue to create waves and attain more impressive feats in the coming years.

Here are a few of Crip Mac’s best-known successes:

  • Three albums were released and one mixtape
  • Participated in several reality television shows.
  • A large number of followers on social media
  • Have been featured in numerous prominent publications.
  • Net amount of $1 million.

Crip Mac is a renowned performer and reality television star. Crip Mac has accomplished a lot during his time, and is certain to succeed for years to come.

Crip’s Girlfriend & Wedding Plans

In reality, he was in an intimate relationship with his daily manager as well as his partner Lupe. Then, in the month of May 2022 on a podcast hosted by No Jumper, he even stated that he had plans to wed the woman he was with at the time, Lupe. Unfortunately, the previous couple has apparently broken up. their relationship.

The last time he spoke he stated clearly that he was no longer in love with the woman he was dating. He stated that he split with his former girlfriend Lupe due to a disagreement about his filthy space.

Personal Life

His videos displayed his distinctive personality and quickly became a household name on the internet. In the time he grew more and more popular, many people started to diss his posts on social media. The biggest disagreement that he was involved in was an unidentified Hoover participant, an artist known as Jap5. Jap was adamant about calling Mac to account for being an obscene fraud.

Based on the series of video posts by Jap5, Mac wasn’t really in the streets as he claimed to be. Mac noticed and then said he would take Jap5 for a one-on-one. However, Jap did not take it. Instead, he dropped the track he disses the release of “Activated”. The War could have gone even further, but Jap5 was taken into custody for murder.

However, Jap5 wasn’t the only person C-Mac would like to battle. C-Mac has been fighting with the rapper Blueface via social media platforms for quite a while. Through 2020 and 2021 Mac continued to upload regular material on his social media platforms.

In a 2021 March video, Crip Mac revealed that the doctor has diagnosed him by Schizophrenia. He admitted to his fans that they were diagnosed while was just a teenager and has been fighting the mental state throughout his existence.

It’s one of the most prominent signs of the illness Crip is battling. Although being famous has provided the actor more opportunities it has also affected his mental health in a few ways.

Crip Mac Net Worth

In 2023, Crip Mac’s net worth was likely to be in the vicinity of $1 million. Crip Mac has the chance to get outside the gangs by virtue of his presence on social media as well as his music. He made the majority of his money through the music business as an artiste. A majority of his revenue is derived through streaming platforms, such as Spotify.

Furthermore, Cip is also popular for his amazing interviews, which can also boost his income. Cip says he charges anywhere from $800-$1000 to conduct interviews. The year 2021 is the year Crip attempted to enter the business world with the launch of his brand of clothing called “Ratfood”.

Early Life

Crip Mac was born the 20th of February 1993 and was raised within Los Angeles, California. Crip Mac hasn’t yet revealed his full identity to the world of the internet. While he was as a young child, his mother made the decision to relocate into Houston, Texas, to have a relationship with her newly white partner.

After spending about two to 3 years living in Texas, Crip decided to move back to LA to stay in the home of his aunt. Crip stayed with his aunt briefly before he moved across the cities of LA. C-Mac was also attempting to get for a position as a mechanic’s assistant.

However, according to him, Crip started to hit his Old English hard around this moment and stopped going to work. Crip initially stayed at 40th Street and then on 50th Street. In the year 19 years old, he relocated from 40th Street to 55th Street Los Angeles and everything changed throughout his life.

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