Devin Williams Death: A Heartbreaking Loss for TikTok Star Kelsey as Her Former Partner Passed Away

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Devin Williams,

The TikTok celebrity popularly referred to as Perfectly Kelsey real name is Kelsey Pumel, has been creating waves on the internet social media through her hilarious videos and content. Her roots are in Logansport, United States Kelsey’s TikTok account, Perfectkelsey, boasts over 2 million fans who have become avid followers of her hilarious and lip-sync videos. But recent incidents have created a stir in her fans.

In a tragic turn of events, Kelsey’s ex-companion, Devin Williams, has mysteriously passed away.

Devin Williams,

Devin Williams, 36, was located by the police suffering from gunshot wounds inside a house located in the 5900 block of Riva Ridge Drive at about 6 a.m. in the southeast end of Indianapolis.

Police were called to the scene based on reports of someone being shot, as per the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.

Initial investigations suggested that the incident was self-inflicted. Williams was killed in the aftermath.

After further investigations, police discovered that the shooting wasn’t self-inflicted, and one suspect was taken into custody.

The police did not provide specific details about how the person in custody was implicated or if they had made any arrests related to the incident.

Williams is the ex-partner and former partner of Kelsey Pumel, whose TikTok channel Growingwithkelsey is estimated to have 2.5 million fans. Pumel along with Williams have a child with whom they share a daughter, Kobe, who is occasionally featured in the videos of Pumel.

“I have fought for so long and made sure everything was done right to ensure (Kobe) could not experience the trauma of a lifetime,” Pumel told reporters in the TikTok video in which she discussed her partner’s death. “He has left her with an entire life of memories and I’m unable to shield her from what she’s been through.”

The video was viewed 4.5 million times via TikTok. Pumel whose Instagram account, perfectly Kelsey, has close to 350,000 fans, asked fans to be praying to her for the sake of her child.

Brandon Melendez, a friend of Williams who lives in Indianapolis Williams’ hometown, told me that Williams was a part of the boxing scene and loved basketball and mixed martial arts.

How Did Devin Williams Die?

Devin Williams,

Aged 24 years old, Devin Williams is believed to be dead in 2023, on the 6th of Feb. It was the day that the Baltimore Ravens, with whom was a linebacker, confirmed his death. He was a part of the team for the past 2021.

The law enforcement officials have declared the reason for the incident as a self-inflicted gunshot within the first few minutes following the incident. However, as time passed, and deeper investigations were conducted, the report began to disintegrate.

Samone Burris, the information officer of The information officer for Indianapolis Metropolitan Police, eventually revealed the role of another individual in the horrific incident. The suspect was soon apprehended which led the matter to change direction.

While the exact cause for Devin’s demise and its specifics are not yet known, however, it’s clear there were more elements in the mix than was initially thought.

Devin Williams Cause of Death

Devin Williams’ demise was due to a gunshot wound. As per Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Information Officer Samone Burris, subsequent investigations led to the arrest of one person related to Williams’s death.

The identity of the person has not yet been determined. It is important to think about the consequences that follow from the tragedy, in addition to people’s quest for answers and justice.

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