Easy Way to Ask Google to Spot and Remove Personal Data Shared Online

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Below Step-by-Step Guide of How You Can Do It:

Google Users can get many results when they search on the internet using private information such as names addresses, phone numbers, or addresses.

According to Statista information 83%, of the market for search is controlled by Google and the company is over its closest rivals including Microsoft’s Bing, Yahoo, and DuckDuckGo.

Therefore, if someone’s seeking information about another user it is likely that there will be a good probability that they’ll use Google first.

According to an article by CNBC, Google has deployed a brand new feature hidden from view that informs users every time it comes across results that contain the personal data of their users.

Google will let users remove their personal information from the platform. It is crucial to remember that the feature has yet to be implemented in India.

Ask Google to Spot and Remove Personal Data Shared Online

Way This Feature Works is a Distinct

This week, Google introduced a feature “Remove this result” feature (in the beta version) which allows users to file a request to erase their information from Google Search.

This tool, however, doesn’t erase the data from any websites or just this particular site. This makes it more difficult for users who aren’t using it to locate this information.

In addition, this tool differs from the “Remove this search result” tool. To make this tool work the user doesn’t need to submit any query using Google.

Instead, it will look up a person’s email address, phone number, or home address.

It will inform them when it locates an item. Following that, they may request Google to remove it from the results of their search.

Similar to the feature that was previously available, Google won’t remove the details from the web. It will however remove it from Google Search to make it harder for other users to discover.

People can simply request Google to warn them about the search for their personal data.

Below Step-by-Step Guide to How You Can Do It:

Below Step-by-Step Guide of How You Can Do It:

How Can You Solicit Google to Provide Information and Inform of Personal Data Through Search?

1. Open the web browser and type myactivity.google.com/results-about-you.

2. Choose the “Results to examine” selection.

3. Select the “Get started” option, then click “Next,” twice.

4. Include personal details such as an address, name, telephone number, email address and more. You can add more than one entry for each.

5. Check the details provided

6. Google has three methods to alert users either via email push notifications, or both. The user must choose which method they prefer Google to inform users.

7. Finally, the user is greeted by a pop-up that reads, “We’re taking a look.”

Following this, they have to sit and wait for notification via Google.

When they receive an alert, the user can choose to request Google eliminate it from Search or choose to remove the alert.

In the course of providing information in the event that users make mistakes, Google will also allow them to make corrections.

In order to do this, they have to go back to the “Results about You” page to make the modifications.

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