Justyn Ross Sent to Jail as Ex-Girlfriend Pursues Legal Action with Charges

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What Happened to Justyn Ross?

Justyn Ross Sent to Jail as Ex-Girlfriend Pursues Legal Action with Charges: Chiefs’ Justyn Ross faced some serious trouble as he got into a fight with his ex-girlfriend, which led to him getting arrested. This news shocked and disappointed his fans.

The incident took place on a Monday afternoon.

According to what we’ve heard, things got pretty bad. Ross was apparently dragging his ex-girlfriend around the house and causing damage.

There was even a mention of a gun being in the house. His ex-girlfriend had to call 911 from a neighbor’s phone because her own cell phone was broken.

Now, here’s what might happen legally. Ross is in trouble for domestic violence and causing damage to property, but it’s his first offense, so he probably won’t get extra jail time.

However, the NFL could suspend him without pay for at least six games, which could seriously hurt his football career.

What Happened to Justyn Ross?

What Happened to Justyn Ross?
There’s a key witness in this case, Ross’s grandmother, Annetta Franklin. She was present at the house when the 911 call was made.

As for what’s happened so far, Ross has been released from jail. He had to pay $2,500 to get out on bond after pleading not guilty to the charges.

What Happened to Justyn Ross?
When he was released, there were some rules he had to follow. He couldn’t go back to his home until 7 p.m. to let his ex-girlfriend collect her stuff. They’re both considered witnesses, so they can’t talk about the case.

In the community, people are taking this seriously. Organizations that help with domestic violence issues are offering support.

They’re saying that responsible behavior is crucial, especially for Chiefs players. Domestic violence affects everyone, and victims don’t deserve any abuse.

So, Justyn Ross is due back in court in December, and the legal process for these charges will continue.

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