Megan Ashley Brooks Divorce: ‘Know for Sure’ Emotional Podcast Story

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Megan Ashley Brooks Divorce: Megan Ashley Brooks is known for her podcast called “Know for Sure,” where she talks about life with her best friend, B. Simone.

In 2014, B. Simone, who is a singer and actress, released her first music EP, “Lost Soul.” She also got chosen to play Aaliyah in a movie about the famous singer’s life that same year.

In 2019, B. Simone joined the TV series “Girls Cruise” on VH1. Megan Brooks is a well-known personality on social media and Instagram. She’s famous for co-hosting the “Know For Sure” podcast with B. Simone. A lot of people, around 210,000, follow her on Instagram with the username Megana Brooks.

Megan began sharing content on social media in March 2019, before she became well-known. In October 2022, she had an interview on the “New Rory & Mal” YouTube show with Rory Farrell and Mal By the Way.

Megan is a mom to three sons named Jonah, Eli, and Caleb. In 2023, on her “Know For Sure” podcast, she talked with Instagram sensation Kountry Wayne and actress Crystal Hayslett.

Recently, Megan talked about her divorce on an episode of “Know for Sure.” She shared how her divorce has affected her and the lessons she’s learned. It was a mature conversation without blaming anyone. Here are some important parts of that conversation:

  • Divorce doesn’t begin only when you file for it. Megan felt emotionally separated from her partner even before the legal divorce.
  • She mentioned that she now understands why people stay in relationships that don’t make them happy. Megan said she’s not ready to be a wife again, but when the time comes, she believes she’ll be much better at it with the lessons she’s learned.

Megan Ashley Brooks Divorce

Avoid Getting Too Comfortable: In Megan’s experience, it’s not a good idea to become overly familiar and too comfortable with someone. She explained, “When you know everything too well, it can make the excitement disappear.” Not everyone may agree with this, but everyone has their own unique experiences and lessons.

Importance of Family Time: When talking about spending time with family, Megan shared her thoughts: “For me, it’s important to go to bed and eat together.” She got emotional while discussing her experiences. She mentioned that doing things together can prevent hurting each other when life gets busy and mistakes happen. There’s less to blame each other for.

I’m the Head of My Home: Megan described herself as the leader of her family, but she expressed that she doesn’t always feel cared for enough. She emphasized that her family loves each other, which is wonderful, but they may not always understand her interests and hobbies. Many moms may relate to this.

Getting Standards and Relationship Coaching: B. Simon and Megan talked about the importance of having standards in relationships and the value of getting advice about relationships. They lightened the mood by discussing whether they like to sleep under or over the sheets.

Know for Sure” Podcast: The key to a 20-year friendship is respect, genuine love, and engaging conversations. Every week, B. Simone, a comedian, actress, and businesswoman, along with her best friend and business partner, Megan Brooks, discuss the events and experiences that have helped them grow over the years, even though their lives are quite different.

Megan learns what her version of the “white picket fence dream” means as a mother of three, while B. Simone continues to search for true love and manages a very public life.

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