Nashville Shooting Case Study : Who killed ?

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Nashville Shooting

In Nashville Shooting, Tennessee, a former student meticulously planned and carried out a tragic event at The Covenant School, an elementary Christian school.

This heartbreaking incident resulted in the loss of three children and three adults’ lives.

The attacker had prepared extensively, creating a detailed map of the school and conducting surveillance, according to the police.

This event is part of a distressing trend of mass shootings in the United States, which has left the public increasingly alarmed about the safety of schools.

The victims included three 9-year-old children, the school’s principal, a substitute teacher, and a custodian.

Amidst the chaos, anxious parents rushed to the school to find their children and held them close. The shocked community organized vigils for the victims.

Nashville Shooting Case Study : Who killed ?

During a press conference, Metropolitan Nashville Police Chief John Drake was visibly moved, saying, “I was deeply touched to see the children being led out of the building.”

In a brief interview with ABC News, the attacker’s mother, Norma Hale, expressed the family’s difficulty and asked for privacy. She said, “This is an incredibly tough time for us. I’m afraid I’ve lost my daughter today.”

A neighbor described the Hale family as friendly and deeply religious. Audrey Hale, the attacker, graduated from Nashville’s Nossi College of Art & Design in 2022, as confirmed by the school’s president and CEO, Cyrus Vatandoost. He praised her as a talented artist and a good student and offered condolences to her family, the victims, and the city.

A now-deleted post on the school’s Facebook page suggested that Hale had received recognition for her outstanding academic performance. In her personal life, she enjoyed video games, movies, and sports, and had a childlike love for playgrounds. Animals were her second passion, and she spent time with her two cats. Hale’s LinkedIn profile indicated part-time work as a grocery shopper for the food delivery service Shipt and previous experience as a cat sitter.

The Covenant School, founded in 2001, is a private Presbyterian school in Nashville with approximately 200 students from pre-K to sixth grade, according to its website.

Source: ABCNews

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