Robert Card’s Family History in the Face of Tragedy: The Quest for Elusive Information about His Parents

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Robert Card's Family History in the Face of Tragedy

Robert Card Parents: Uncovering the Family Background of Robert Card Amidst Tragedy, Information Remains Elusive

Many people are interested in knowing Robert Card’s parents and family.

The two-day hunt in Maine ended when the law enforcement agencies announced they’d found the remains of Robert R. Card Jr. Aged 40 and who died of self-inflicted gunshot wounds.

We’ll dive right into the story for more information concerning Robert Card, his parents and family.

Intensive Manhunt and Shelter Orders

As Robert Card was on the running, the authorities had ordered hundreds of thousands of people of Lewiston and surrounding regions to remain at within their homes or take refuge in a shelter. They warned people concerning the dangerous and well-armed suspect.

The hunt spanned an extensive area in southern Maine as police conducted search and seizure across a variety of locations which included homes that belong to the family of Card within Bowdoin as well as a portion that runs along the Androscoggin River, which is near an access point for boats located in Lisbon Falls where his abandoned vehicle was found.

BOWDOIN, Maine —

Court records shed details about Robert Card’s past prior to Wednesday’s shooting massacre which killed 18 and wounded 13 in two establishments within Lewiston, Maine.

The details 5 Investigates obtained indicates that the suspect had a good understanding of the neighborhood. Also, it’s clear that there were warning signs prior to the attack.

Discovery of Robert Card’s Body

In the end, police discovered the body of Robert Card near an industrial recycling plant at Lisbon Falls, a location in which he previously worked.

The report was released around seven:45 p.m. in the evening on Friday evening, just 50 hours later than the rampage began. Authorities did not provide when exactly Card died. loss of life.

She refused to make any comment when she was contacted via phone.

The earlier reports indicated that Card might have tried to track down an ex as he sped through an eatery and bowling alley located in Lewiston on Wednesday evening.

Card’s sister has told investigators that she was convinced that he had looked for his former girlfriend at the time he was charged with taking down the Sparetime recreation bowling alley as well as Schemengees Restaurant and Bar ABC News reported, citing sources.

It’s not clear if Card’s sister was speaking of Lamb or another more recent ex.

Military Service

Robert Card’s military experience was a major factor in the his involvement in the manhunt. As per the U.S. Army’s public affairs department that he was a sergeant first class of sergeant class one in the Army Reserve and had enlisted on December 2, 2002.

Card’s job was to be an expert in petroleum supply, which included the management transportation, storage, and handling of aviation and automobile fuel.

In addition, he has not taken part in any deployments of combat according to an Army spokesperson.

Incident at Camp Smith and Mental Health Evaluation

The investigation examined an incident with Robert Card during a visit to Camp Smith, a National Guard training center in Peekskill, New York.

The location is within close the vicinity of West Point. According to a top officer in law enforcement, Card had a confrontation with authorities during the visit which was later evaluated by an institution for mental health.

Bryce Dubee, an Army spokesperson, said that Card’s reserve group had assisted in Training in West Point during the summer.

But, there are none of the evidence to indicate that Card has instructed or taken part in any activities of training. He also said that Mr. Dubee refrained from providing further information, citing the privacy laws in the federal government as well as the ongoing investigation.

Robert Card Parents

At present, no information is available about Robert Card’s parents. In the wake of the public’s search for answers, and attempts to comprehend the events surrounding Robert Card, there is an increasing desire to find the truth about his parents.

Robert Card Parents

At this point at this time, there’s any information that can be found about the names of those involved or their occupations. Information about their occupations is limited, with local authorities and law enforcement giving only the Card’s name as well as a photo of him with a semi-automatic gun.

The issue as to the possibility that Card has siblings is unanswered. No images of family photos with Robert are being published in the news media.

The lack of details regarding the family tree of Card reflects the strict nature of the investigation as well as the security of people who aren’t directly impacted by the crime incident.

The documents obtained by 5 Investigates reveal that Robert Card was married in 2005. However, his wife had filed for divorce just two years after. The couple had a child in 2005 and joint custody following the divorce.

We also know that Card is an U.S. Army reservist since December 2002, with an rank of sergeant, first class. The title of his job is Petroleum Supply Specialist.

ABC News reports that last summer, Card was “behaving erratically” and threatened soldiers on a trip to Camp Smith. Camp Smith Training Center in Upstate New York. The law enforcement agency was alerted, and Card was sent for an examination for medical reasons.

Academic Background and Past

Robert Card attended the University of Maine between 2001 and 2004, when he studied engineering technology. He did not finish his education or receive a degree from the school.

In the case of the Treatment Card that he received, he was advised to visit the Keller Army Community Hospital near West Point, where he was held for 2 weeks. However, he was allowed access to an assault rifle with a large capacity — which is the weapon police claim he was using to kill a man on Wednesday.

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