Ruby Leigh’s Ascension on The Voice : The Struggle Story

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Ruby Leigh's Ascension on The Voice

Ruby Leigh, a 16-year-old star born in Missouri was a star participant on The Voice on NBC “The Voice” in the latest season.

The incredible performance by Ruby in her audition on Patsy Montana’s “I Wanna Be a Cowboy’s Sweetheart” did not only flip over four chairs, it also thrilled millions of viewers.

The surprise journey she took to the venue and her distinctive style of country yodeling are what distinguish her.

Ruby’s tale isn’t only about her rising star status, but she also demonstrates the strength of family and determination to make dreams come true.

Ruby Leigh's Ascension on The Voice

Ruby Leigh’s Ascension on The Voice

Ruby Leigh is having a significant impact even aged just 16 in the 24th season on The Voice. Her incredible journey is extraordinary starting with an unplanned beginning to wowing all four judges.

Reba McEntire is the first coach in the current season. She will step into the shoes of former coach Blake Shelton alongside her fellow coaches John Legend, Gwen Stefani and Niall Horan.

In the Blind Auditions, Reba had many success in securing the right singers to join her team.

She leaned heavily on her roots from the countrybut Gwen sometimes was playing”the “Blake card” to sway promising country artists towards her.

John was relying on his position as the longest-tenured coach in the world to demonstrate that he was the right choice and Niall kept proving himself to the other coaches with his success in getting almost every new artist who had been completely in love with the band One Direction.

Ruby’s appearance on The Voice began as a humorous idea. Her encouragement was given over the years by other contestants to record some covers of rock that she recorded.

These differed from the traditional country music and yodelling that she’s today known. However, fate was not so sure.

After they and their families were informed via email of her advancement into the next step and they realized they had to consider taking the chance.

Ruby was a local from the tiny Missouri community of Foley began an adventure that changed her life. She went to Hollywood to audition blind. She sang Patsy Montana’s tune therethe song was “I Wanna Be a Cowboy’s Sweetheart,” which was a popular song from 1935.

Ruby was a part of Team Reba, a group composed of artists with a passion for creating an environment that was welcoming and a family-like one instead of a competitive one. Team Reba’s bond of friendship is the highlight of her life.

From TikTok to Fame

Ruby Leigh’s country-style voice as well as her incredible Yodelling abilities quickly gained attention. Her TikTok film of a blind audition went famous, with an impressive 11.9 million viewers.

Ruby’s TikTok had 260 users prior to her participation in the show. Currently the site has more than 150,000 users.

Mason Ramsey, a young country singer known for his yodelling rendition, which became viral in the year 2018 recognized her talent and liked her comment “Yodel Queen” on her TikTok video.

Ruby doesn’t come from a family of musicians however, her family has been steadfast in their support of her since she was a young child.

Her distinctive country vocals and yodeling style have attracted attention from many people as her video audition has racked up 11.9 million viewers on TikTok. Prior to her audition, Leigh’s TikTok account was just 250 followers, but now has nearly 150,000.

The performance even caught the notice from Mason Ramsey, a fellow young artist from the country who became famous in the year the year 2018 with his rendition of a yodel of “Lovesick Blues” by Hank Williams at an aisle at Walmart. Ramsey declared “Yodel Queen” on Leigh’s TikTok stitch of the clip.

Although Leigh isn’t from a musical household but they’ve supported her passion for music throughout her childhood. When she was just nine Leigh’s parents started posting video clips of her singing on Facebook to allow family and friends to watch.

“My sister, mom and dad have the same values as my most loyal supporters. They’re always trying to support me in everything I accomplish,” says Leigh.

Parents began sharing videos that she sang on Facebook when she was just nine years old. This was a demonstration of the dedication and dedication that she had put into her musical profession.

Mickey Gilley, a vital guide and pivotal figure for Ruby’s professional career has been instrumental in establishing her abilities as an artist.

They performed on the same stage as The Mickey Gilley show in Branson, Missouri, giving Ruby the chance to showcase her talents. Mickey considered her an authentic artist and his influence was immense.

Does Ruby Leigh still on The Voice?

The truth is that Ruby Leigh is still appearing on The Voice. The journey of Ruby Leigh through The Voice is opening the door towards a bright future.

She is planning to play at prestigious venues like the Grand Ole Opry as well as Morrison in and Colorado’s Red Rocks.

Her life’s journey has inspired many as she counsels budding artists to “Don’t give up on your abilities. Never, ever quit up. Make the effort. The things don’t happen just simply because you’re lucky. The result is the product of hard work.”

The singer hopes that her experiences in The Voice will be the catalyst for her to join in the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee, and then later Red Rocks in Morrison, Colorado.

Her most valuable piece of advice: “Don’t stop believing in your abilities. Never give up. Work hard. It’s not because luck is on your side. It’s when you’ve put in many hours of work.”

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