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Sai Joshi

Sai Joshi, a girl of brash and outspoken nature lives with her father Inspector Kamal Joshi in Gadchiroli. She wants to be a doctor, and she plans on studying MBBS in Nagpur Medical College. Virat Chavan, a Nagpur-based officer is assigned to Gadchiroli. Sai’s situation worsens when Jagtap becomes obsessive and harasses Sai. He even threatens to hurt her father Kamal in order to get her to marry him. Sai, despite having topped her Maharashtra 12th grade exams, asks her father to retire early and move to Nagpur.

Virat is posted in Gadchiroli and Sai has a number of misunderstandings. Sai dislikes Virat at first when his car splashes dirt on her. Their relationship is strained after Virat tells Kamal that he wants to delay his Voluntary Retirement Scheme on stage.

Virat and Pakhi fall in love, but Samrat is chosen as Pakhi’s wife by the Chavans. Pakhi weds Samrat in order to stay close to Virat and make him promise that he will not replace her. Pakhi confesses to Samrat her love for Virat.

Sai witnesses Kamal’s tragic sacrifice to save Virat. Virat is urged to marry Sai by the villagers after Kamal’s death. Sai begs Virat not to marry her because of his love for Pakhi. Virat suggests a compromise. Sai agrees reluctantly to the arrangement with an understanding that Pakhi will depart once she has completed her MBBS.

Sai is not accepted by the Chavans, who continue to belittle him. Virat is suspended from his position because Sai has been accused and spread false rumors. Sai and Devyani’s relationship is strained by this, while Sai’s efforts to improve Devyani’s and Pulkit’s relationship cause further confusion and conflict.

Sai’s resilience and her determination to succeed in spite of bullying and humiliation are the hallmarks of Sai’s journey. This story examines relationships, emotions and social standing.

Sai is revealed in the narrative as a woman with a strong spirit who faces challenges from societal doubts about her value. Sai is a character that embodies both strength and resolve as she negotiates her complex life.

The summary gives an overview of Sai’s story in this popular television show. It highlights the main conflicts and the character dynamics which shape the plot.

Neil Bhatt is a well-known Indian actor who was born in Vadodara (Gujarat) on 4 August 1987. His zodiac sign is Leo and he holds Indian citizenship. Neil Bhatt is passionate about dancing and travel.

Background Education:

  • Neil Bhatt finished his education at Jasudben M.L. School in Mumbai.
  • H.R. He also attended Jitendra Chauhan College of Law. Jitendra Chauhan College of Law.


  • Neil Bhatt and Neha Sargam were previously involved, but the two separated in 2016.
  • Aishwarya is his current girlfriend.


  • Neil Bhatt is the son of Himanshu Bhatt. He is an attorney.
  • Shikha Bhatt is his sister.

Appearance of

  • Neil Bhatt has a handsome physique and a great personality. He’s a dancer who takes good care of himself.
  • The man stands 5’9″ tall and is about 70kgs.
  • Neil is a man with black hair, brown eyes and a body of sand.

Career Highlights:

  • Neil Bhatt started his career in dance reality shows “Kaboom”, and then participated in “Boogie Woogie.”
  • In 2008, he made his Sony TV debut with “Arslaan”.
  • In 2017, Neil worked on a Gujarati film titled “Bhanwar”.

TV Serials:

  • Neil Bhatt was a member of many television series, including “12/24 Karol Bagh,” Gulaal,” Ramayan,” Diya Aur Baati Hum,” Zindagi Wins,” Tumhi Ho Bandhu Skha Tumhi,”Roop Mard Ka Nya Sakha Tumhi,” Shaadi Ho To Aisi,” as well as “Tumhi Ho Bandhu” and “Roop Ka Naya “Swaroop

Favorite Movie Stars, Food, Destinations:

  • Neil Bhatt loves dancing, but he also enjoys traveling.
  • Aamir Khan is his favourite actor, while Madhuri Dixit is his favorite actress.

Net worth:

  • Neil Bhatt is estimated to have a net worth of between $1-5million (roughly Rs. The Indian rupee equivalent is 7.33 crores.

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