Samsung Developing Mid-Range Galaxy Foldable Phone for 2024

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2024 May Bring Several Samsung Technological Advances

Samsung has been working to bring foldable phones into the mainstream since the release of its Galaxy Z Flip in the year 2020. Its original model was to market for $1400. The 5G version was launched that same year, costing $1,450.

Z Flip’s price dropped through the years. However, it appears that they are at a point where they are $199.

Although it’s possible that the Galaxy Z Flip series won’t sell for less than $199, Samsung appears to have other plans that could bring about the rise of phones that fold. The plan is an affordable foldable phone model.

In a report published by TrendForce that explores the possibilities of folding phones being an alternative to the declining worldwide smartphone market, the research company rekindles speculation that Samsung is developing an additional foldable phone model with a lower price tag

According to the market watcher, Samsung will release a middle-range folding phone in the next year, as per the supply chain’s activity.

The mid-range Galaxy phone is expected to lower “price barriers and [make] foldable phones more accessible” for more consumers.

This Third foldable Galaxy device is likely to be cheaper than Galaxy Z Flip instead of filling the gap between Flip and Fold.

2024 May Bring Several Samsung Technological Advances

2024 May Bring Several Samsung Technological Advances

There’s currently nothing to be found about the low-end foldable Galaxy phone’s design as well as its specifications and pricing.

An earlier rumor suggested that it could be part of the booming Fan Edition lineup, however, at present it’s just speculation.

If Samsung has been working on this device for release in 2024 as of now suppliers have restricted their data.

Rumors of a middle-range folding Galaxy phone on the way with the return of this Exynos SoC for the Galaxy S series, a potential later 2024 launch of the XR (mixed reality) headset, and the introduction of new AI-driven capabilities that will be available on the next flagships, 2024 could prove to be among the more fascinating year for Samsung users in recent history.

However, the time will reveal how the rumors of this kind have any basis.

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