Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra could be a huge advantage over iPhone 15 Pro Max

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Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra could be a huge advantage over iPhone 15 Pro Max

Samsung Galaxy AI is coming. The Galaxy AI phone is coming

The time has come for Samsung to look to take back the title by launching the Galaxy S24 Ultra, and its climb to the top may have absolutely nothing to do with the specs. Sure, Samsung is expected to continue offering the most powerful zoom available on a camera phone, and also a distinctive S Pen. However, its main advantage over the iPhone might be due to AI technological advancements.

Samsung announced the new age of “Galaxy AI is coming” in a blog post that gives an idea of the future of Samsung’s Galaxy S24 series. Samsung announces the mobile AI experience will be powered by in-device AI as well as cloud-based AI through cooperation and collaborations with “like-minded industry leaders.” It could be a collaboration that includes OpenAI as well as Google.

In a specific example, Samsung says that AI Translate Call gives users an in-built translator. This means that texts and audio translations are displayed in real time while you talk. It’s quite cool, however, I’m not certain how often individuals call people who speak other languages.

However, this is only the beginning. Other reports about Samsung AI have popped up recently, providing an idea of what’s in the pipeline. Samsung has been reported to name the AI Samsung Gauss (named after the mathematician who is considered to be the founder and pioneer of machine learning) The AI appears to be able to accomplish more than simply translate information. Samsung’s AI is said to help you write emails on your behalf, compose documents, and generate AI-generated photos.

It is also likely that the AI will be able to repair your photos. Gauss can assist in converting low-resolution images into higher-quality images.

One of the issues is the possibility that Samsung may place the majority of its AI functions on a paywall. I don’t believe this speculation. This is because a lot of the capabilities Samsung has been promoting are offered on other phones with AI capabilities such as those on the Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro.

Google’s flagship phones come with many AI techniques, such as Magic Editor for moving (or expanding) subject matter in images as well as turning the daytime into “magic hour” with a click. Its Pixel 8 series can also remove background noise from your video, in addition to summarizing your webpages.

What does this mean for Apple? Tim Cook recently said that Apple has invested extensively in intelligent AI as well as reports suggesting that iOS 18 will unleash powerful and generative AI to combat ChatGPT. This means that you don’t require the iPhone 15 or even next year’s iPhone 16 for an AI-focused iPhone.

At present, there are plenty of instances of machine learning on the iPhone at work. For instance, when I start my iPhone in the morning it’s smart enough to be aware that I need an NJ Transit app when I start Spotlight. Also, it’s possible to shift the focus to photos that were already taken. This isn’t generative AI.

Apple is far behind Google in the AI phone race. Apple could be in the next few months ahead of Samsung as well, given the upcoming Galaxy S24 launch.

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